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Download Version 1.23

Before you can start you need to download the corresponding distribution (see below). With the distribution you need to generate your key hash. With your key hash you are ready to buy or try the Zen License Manager!

Windows (Visual Studio 2015, with Java and .NET bindings) 32bit 64bit
Windows (Visual Studio 2013) 32bit 64bit
Windows (MinGW) 32bit 64bit
Mac (Clang, with Java bindings) 64bit
Mac (GCC) 32bit 64bit
Linux (x86, Clang) 32bit 64bit
Linux (x86, GCC, with Java bindings) 32bit 64bit
Linux (PowerPC) 32bit 64bit
Linux (PowerPCle) 64bit
Linux (MIPS) 32bit 64bit
Linux (MIPSel) 32bit 64bit
Linux (MIPSel, uClibc) 32bit
Linux (AArch64 / ARMv8, hardware floating point) 64bit
Linux (ARMv7, hardware floating point) 32bit
Linux (ARMv7, softfloat) 32bit
Linux (ARMv6, hardware floating point) 32bit
Android (ARM) 32bit 64bit
Android (x86) 32bit 64bit
iOS (arm64) 64bit
iOS (ARMv7) 32bit
iOS (x64, phone simulator) 64bit
Archived older versions, ZLM Go bindings, and experimental ZLM Fortran bindings are also available. Bindings for Java and .NET are contained in the distributions. If you need a different Android version, please get in touch.

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