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For 1495 EUR:

Bug fixes will always be a available as a minor release. If we release a new major version of ZLM with new features, we’ll offer it to you at a discount.

Fill out the form and get started immediately!

Important: You have to download and install ZLM first to generate your key pair and get the key hash needed below!

We know it takes a minute longer, but including the hash of your public key
into your ZLM library license makes your software much harder to crack!
Is automatically included into every license file you sign.
Usually the name of your company (e.g., "Apple Inc.") or yourself (e.g., "John Doe").
It cannot be changed afterwards, another vendor means another license!
Only necessary if not the same as Vendor.
We will only contact you if necessary (max. once a month).
We accept bitcoin

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