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simple and easy-to-use software license management

10 reasons why ZLM is the right license manager for you:

1. ownership

We do not make you dependent on us by yearly contracts.

Our pricing policy is very simple: You pay 1495 EUR once and you can use the current ZLM release (and all upcoming minor releases) forever! This makes ZLM a risk free purchase, we do not lock you in with a yearly contract which might get more expensive over the years.

In contrast to many competitors you do not have to pay anything from the second year on!

2. very simple API

It is very easy to integrate ZLM into your project, see the documentation for an example. Different licensing schemes can be set in the license files and not with different API calls. You can integrate ZLM in your product once and then forget about it!

3. revenue growth

A license manager does not only protect your software, it also allows you to design its pricing, according to your customer's needs.

You can therefore increase your own revenue while having a product which will satisfy your customer with its precise adequacy.

4. acquire in a few minutes

We do not make you sign lengthy legal agreements before you can start coding. Instead we have very simple EULA with which you can agree by a simple click when you acquire the product online.

You can buy your ZLM license in less than 5 minutes!

5. try before you buy

You can try ZLM out right now for 30-days (free of charge).

Get started with ZLM in 5 minutes!

6. strong cryptography

To make the license files used by ZLM basically unforgeable we use the Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) with a key length of 2048 bits in combination with the SHA-256 hash function, thereby following the recommendations for secure digital signatures of the National Institute of Standards and Technology outlined in NIST 800-57.

7. software made in Germany

As German software engineers we have a strong focus on software quality:

We care about your security!

8. tamper resistance

ZLM is three-fold tamper resistant:

Most competitors lack these features!

9. eco-friendly library

The ZLM library is very eco-friendly:

10. ZLM is made by developers for developers

It takes less than 5 minutes to buy ZLM now (pay 1495 EUR once and use ZLM forever)! You can also try out ZLM for 30 days completely free of charge before you make a decision.

If you have any questions or special needs for your license management (for example, you want to use ZLM on an embedded platform, you miss critical functionality in the API, or you need special language bindings), please talk to us! We love to hear from you!

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